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Fun Times Testing the GoPro 7 Testing @Saunton sands, Devon, 

So two days ago I took delivery of my new GoPro Hero 7 Black. After a month of complications at Mr Gopros house, (obviously Mr GoPro is a small set up made somewhere in Holland, probably in a shed right?). Anyway after a month of looking at the internal side of my front door letter box it finally arrived. stoked? Jase is now stoked off his tits.Video

Typically me, I open the box in which the first thing I clock eyes on are the instructions, well they can go to the side as I don’t think I’ll be needing those. Then I’ve got the beast. Then I realise after looking towards my Hero 3 that, actually, I don’t know how this thing actually works. Where’s those instructions?.

So teething issues I’ve found are, don’t be Jase, read the instructions. This camera I aim to use for vlogging in the water etc,along with trying to get some vids of my English Springers Maddie & Rascal underwater (but that’s another midlife crises). Battery life would also seem to be shortish.

So Codie (Daughter) & Bailey (Son) along with our 2 dogs and of course, me, all headed to Saunton Sands North Devon, UK to test it on basic vids.Video

Surf culture these days

Now I’m a bit different to most modern surfers, modern surf culture has an awfully lot of pretentiousness about it. Like any sport or craft, it’s not about the machine you ride it’s about your study. If you’ve got a board that supposedly been shaped by Fat Willy’s Surf Shack, & you paid £1k for it, you’d better make sure you ride it like you’ve got a fat willy (or appropriate lady parts). Otherwise what’s the point, who are you trying to kid?

Hands up for fun club

Join the fun club, I’m in the fun club. I love surfing, but I know I’m in the lower tier when it comes to critical evaluation. Great news is I don’t get evaluated, no one does unless you’re either pro, semi pro or have knobs for mates. I happily rock up with zero wetsuit, mastic holding the single fin in my 10”6 longboard I bought 13 years ago from a guy on a building site in Newton Abbott. It’s given me the best times, but I think it’s gonna snap one day but hey, it’ll spend the rest of its days as some sort of ornament at home.

Oh yeah the GoPro,… well, it’s awesome & far more capable than I currently know about, but over the next coming few months especially as we turn attention towards Morroco, me and Mr GoPro are going to become firm friends, I’m sure about that. Hit this link Video

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Head to our social media pages for Saunton Sands UK vids, go go go.Video