I/We run a surf school without a trading premises, can I/we still join?

Absolutely, simply fill in the "Join Us" form, we will then send you some sort forms to fill in, once this is checked, your login will be created and your marketing dispatched to you.

Will I/we still receive the same level of support (i.e marketing goods) as the larger schools?

Yes, as long as the info you provide us checks out, you will be one of us.

What support can I/we receive from Snappy Surfer?

You will have access to support 7 days a week, as well as help with marketing, lean on us anytime you need to.



How long does it take to get started?

Fill in the form on the "Join Us" page, we will then send you all the info you need, along with some forms to fill in about you, as soon as we check your details, your login will be created and marketing items dispatched to you.

How much can I/we expect to earn?

Your success rate is completely down to you and your marketing, if you provide excellent customer relations, then your efforts will be rewarded.

I don`t have a surf school but I am a surf photographer can I join?

Absolutely yes, Our aim is to connect with surf photographers and help them deliver a professional service. We focus on customer experience & supplying quality products.  Send us your details and we can add you to our pool of photographers.




Where do you need Snappy Surfers?

Our current focus is the UK, Europe & USA